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    Deep-Well Elution Plates for KingFisher

    Available for Immediate Delivery, click HERE for more information or Call 1.800.661.9289 to order.


  • Since 2002 Rose Scientific has been a proud
    distributor for the superb laboratory products of the German company Ingenieurbüro CAT M. Zipperer GmbH.

    Rose is committed to providing full service and support for all CAT manufactured products within North America.

    The distributor Cat Scientific Inc. has exited the market and Rose Scientific has agreed to fulfill all of its obligations such as order processing, customer support and warranty service.

    Shipments to customers in the USA and Mexico will be processed and sent from Rose’s office in Cincinnati, Ohio, while Canadian customers will be served from our office in Edmonton, Alberta.

    Ingenieurbüro CAT M. Zipperer GmbH
  • COVID-19 Update

    Rose Scientific is doing its best to source and supply the highest quality and most reliable materials and equipment to meet the present (and anticipated future) needs for testing and protection against the COVID-19 pandemic as well as other diseases.

    Check the available collection swabs, media and vials by clicking HERE. For ultraviolet germicidal irradiation equipment, particularly for N95 mask decontamination, click HERE.

    Test kit reagents can be found among the chemicals Rose supplies.

    Contact Rose for your requirements for personal protection gear such as face masks.


    Centrifuge Tubes, 15 and 50 mL
    Sterile, RNase/DNase free

    Rapid delivery, no need to wait weeks.

    Call 1.888.249.4074 (USA) or 1.800.661.9289 (Canada) for latest updates on Rose Scientific inventory, delivery dates and prices.

    For more information click on:

    Centrifuge tubes 15 mL and 50 mL Conical, Standard and USP VI Compliant



    Call for Pipet Filter Tips

    The response to the COVID-19 pandemic has stressed many supply chains. Thanks to increased use in testing, Pipet Filter Tips are in particularly short supply.

    Rose Scientific has relationships with manufacturers that go back more than thirty years. We have a limited supply of pipet filter tips on hand, and are working diligently with suppliers to increase our inventory and to meet the growing demand.

    Call 1.800.661.9289 for latest updates on Rose Scientific inventory, delivery dates and quotes.


Tissue clearing is essential for non-destructive 3D imaging of samples. The X-CLARITY™ line of systems and reagents standardize, simplfy and accelerate each step of the tissue clearing process.

Based on a tissue clearing method developed by the Deisseroth lab at Stanford University.

Solis BioDyne Ambient Temperature Stable
PCR and qPCR Reagents