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Water Baths, Compact Laboratory Heated Stainless Steel and Plastic


The Elmi water bath thermostats TW-2.02 and TW-2.03 are compact stainless steel and plastic high accuracy heated water baths for a wide variety of laboratory needs.

Compact design makes for easy handling, disassembly and cleaning.

The Elmi MS-01 four position magnetic stirrer is especially useful with the TW-2.03 water bath, as it allows stirring under precise temperature control.

Features of the Heated Stainless Steel or Plastic Water Baths:
  • Defined temperature control in the bath with high accuracy
  • Automatic water level detection for heater protection
  • Variable water circulation speed
  • External water circulation pump for heating external objects

TW-2.02 Heated Stainless Steel Water Bath

TW-2.03 Heated Clear Plastic Water Bath

Specifications (Click here):  Water Baths, Compact Laboratory Heated Stainless Steel and Plastic

NumberDescriptionPrice $
CWB-S Heated water bath TW-2.02, stainless steel tank
CWB-P Heated water bath TW-2.03, clear plastic tank
WB1101 Clear plastic tank for TW-2.03 194.40
MGN-04 Four position magnetic stirrer MS-01, perfect for use with the TW-2.03 plastic tank