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Spectrophotometers, UV-Visible Double Beam K-Series Color Screen


The K-Series Double Beam UV-Vis spectrophotometers are designed to meet high requirements for precision measurement in research and production in organic chemistry, biochemistry, medical testing, food testing, environmental protection, water testing industry and other such areas. The latest ARM system and long optical system ensure high accuracy and good stability of the instruments. They are the best choice for high quality spectrophotometers with outstanding performance.

Features of the K800, K8001 and K8001S Spectrophotometers:
  • 7” Color LCD and Windows Graphic Interface
  • Powerful functions such as Photometric Measurement, Quantitative Measurement, Kinetics, Spectrum scan, DNA\Protein test and Multi-Wavelength Test
  • In-house massive memory is capable of saving up to 1024M for test data and working curves
  • Supports USB and SD card storage
  • The USB port can be used for data transfer, which is easily exported to Excel for further processing, analysis and storage
  • Socket type deuterium and tungsten lamp makes lamp switching without optics debugging easy
  • Large sample chamber allows the easy interface of optional accessories
  • Extensive accessories are optionally available, such as auto 8-cell holder, peltier/sipper system, reflection accessories or 21 CFR compliant software

Specifications (Click here):  Spectrophotometers, UV-Visible Double Beam K-Series Color Screen

NumberDescriptionPrice $
K8000 K-Series Color Screen Double Beam UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, Wavelength 190 ~ 1100nm/2nm
K8001 K-Series Color Screen Double Beam UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, Wavelength 190 ~ 1100nm/1nm 11,378.95
K8001S K-Series Color Screen Double Beam UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, Wavelength 190 ~ 1100nm/Selectable 0.5/1/2/4/5nm 15,245.20
GC10MM-4 Glass Cuvette, 10mm, pkg/4 38.25
8ACH-AUTO Auto 8-Cell Holder 975.00
AXYMCH Adjustable XY Micro Cell Holder 487.50
FLMH Film Holder 325.00
TRACK Tube Rack 325.00
SIS-SYS Sipper System 1,300.00
PLET-SYS Peltier System 1,950.00
GC5MM-4 Glass Cuvette, 5mm, pkg/4 38.25
GC10MM-4 Glass Cuvette, 10mm, pkg/4 38.25
GC20MM-2 Glass Cuvette, 20mm pkg/2 38.25
GC30MM-2 Glass Cuvette, 30mm, pkg/2 38.25
GC50MM-2 Glass Cuvette, 50mm, pkg/2 38.25
GC100MM-2 Glass Cuvette, 100mm, pkg/2 38.25
QCMC-1 Quartz Micro Cuvette, 0.35 ~ 1.7 mL 280.00
QCMC-2 Quartz Micro Cuvettes, 50µL, 100 µL, 200 µL 290.00
QC5MM-4 Quartz Cuvette, 5mm, pkg/2 240.00
QC10MM-4 Quartz Cuvette, 10mm, pkg/2 240.00
QC20MM-2 Quartz Cuvette, 20mm, pkg/2 240.00
QC30MM-2 Quartz Cuvette, 30mm, pkg/2 240.00
QC50MM-2 Quartz Cuvette, 50mm, pkg/2 240.00
QC100MM-2 Quartz Cuvette, 100mm, pkg/2 240.00
4CHM-1050 4-Cell Holder, 10-50mm, Manual 65.00
8CHM-100 8-Cell Holder, 100mm, Manual 81.25
PCSOFT-CFR 21 CFR Compliant Software 650.00
PCSOFT PC Software 195.00
TLP-00 Thermal Printer 130.00
TNL-00 Tungsten Lamp 65.00
D2L-00 Deuterium Lamp 438.75