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Spectrophotometers, Single Beam Visible V1200, V1700, V1710 and UV-Visible UV1200, UV1200PRO, UV1700, UV1710 and UV1720


An impressive line of Visible and UV-Visible Single Beam Spectrophotometers comes with a variety of choices for every laboratory, at attractive prices. Also available is a range of double beam models and other advanced versions.

The UV1200 and UV1200PRO UV-Vis spectrophotometers offer a choice of 4nm or 2nm spectral bandwidth, and the UV1700, UV1710 and UV1720 offer a choice of 2nm spectral bandwidth but with wavelength accuracy of ±0.2, ±0.1 and ±1 nm, respectively.

The Model UV1720 is also available with 1nm wavelength accuracy and the V1710 with 4nm wavelength accuracy and 340-1050 nm. These two models are priced slightly less, for tight budgets.

The latest designs in Vis and UV-VIS spectrophotometers, have a clean smooth industrial design, smart color scheme, blue-lit LCD display, and oval-shaped key-press design. They are designed to be very easy to operate.

Features V1200, UV1200, V1700 and UV1700 Series Spectrophotometers:
  • Bright 70×40 mm (1200 Series) or 128×64 (1700 Series) LCD displays
  • Large sample chamber accommodates 5 – 100mm cuvettes of all kinds
  • Automatic control of switching of deuterium and tungsten lamp; manual wavelength setting (1200 Series)
  • Perform test of Quantitative and Kinetics with professional software (1200 Series)
  • Adjust automatically 0% A and 100% T (1200 series)
  • Stores 50 groups of measuring data and 10 groups of K & B value (1200 Series
  • Unique optical system, 1200 lines/mm grating (1700 Series)
  • Optional PC software expands the capabilities of the instrument and includes Photometric Analysis, Quantitative Analysis, Spectral Scanning, Kinetics, DNA/Protein analysis and Multi-wavelengths Test (1700 Series)
  • Adopts 51 micro-computer system, and stores 200 test data and 100 standard curves (1700 Series)
  • Easy hassle free aligned lamp replacement for both deuterium and tungsten (1700 Series)

Specifications (Click here):  Spectrophotometers, Single Beam Visible V1200, V1700, V1710 and UV-Visible UV1200, UV1200PRO, UV1700, UV1710 and UV1720

NumberDescriptionPrice $
V1200 Visible wavelength spectrophotometer, 340 ~ 1020nm
UV1200 UV-Visible spectrophotometer, wavelength 190 ~ 1020nm
UV1200PRO UV-Visible spectrophotometer, wavelength190 ~ 1020nm 2,414.65
V1700 Visible wavelength spectrophotometer, 320 ~ 1100nm (2nm band-width)
V1710 Visible wavelength spectrophotometer, 360 ~ 1000nm (4nm band-width) 1,919.10
UV1700 UV-Visible spectrophotometer, wavelength 190 ~ 1100nm
UV1710 UV-Visible spectrophotometer, wavelength 190 ~ 1100nm 4,207.50
UV1720 UV-Visible spectrophotometer, wavelength 190 ~ 1100nm (1nm wavelength accuracy and 0.15% T stray light) 3,681.60
GC5MM-4 Glass Cuvette, 5mm, pkg/4 38.25
GC10MM-4 Glass Cuvette, 10mm, pkg/4 38.25
GC20MM-2 Glass Cuvette, 20mm, pkg/2 38.25
GC30MM-2 Glass Cuvette, 30mm, pkg/2 38.25
GC50MM-2 Glass Cuvette, 50mm, pkg/2 38.25
GC100MM-2 Glass Cuvette, 100mm. pkg/2 38.25
QC5MM-4 Glass Cuvette, 5mm, pkg/2 240.00
QC10MM-4 Glass Cuvette, 10mm, pkg/2 240.00
QC20MM-2 Glass Cuvette, 20mm, pkg/2 240.00
QC30MM-2 Glass Cuvette, 30mm, pkg/2 240.00
QC50MM-2 Glass Cuvette, 50mm, pkg/2 240.00
QC100MM-2 Glass Cuvette, 100mm, pkg/2 240.00
4CHM-1050 4-Cell Holder, 10-50mm, Manual 65.00
8CHM-100 8-Cell Holder, 100mm, Manual 81.25
PCSOFT-CFR 21 CFR Compliant Software 650.00
PCSOFT PC Software 195.00
TLP-00 Thermal Printer 130.00
TNL-00 Tungsten Lamp 65.00
D2L-00 Deuterium Lamp 438.75