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Muffle Furnaces, Programmable Digital, 1450ºC, Series FSC


The Series FSC Digital Muffle Furnaces are well-built with a digital PID control system and a bright LCD display. The 2-side heating results in a maximum temperatures of 1,450℃ for the FSC models.

These digital and programmable furnaces are designed for Ash Determinations, Enameling, Fusions, Precipitate Drying and other such applications. They are available in four different volume sizes to meet most applications. Each unit is supplied with Certificate and Traceability – controlled by serial number, certificate, delivery information and a traceable data base system.

The digital PID temperature controller allows for 2 Patterns with 10 Segments, covering a range from 500 to 1450ºC. The Series FSC furnaces have 2-side heating, without ceramic fiber plates.

Features of the Series FSC 1450ºC Programmable Furnaces:
  • Programmable
  • Controller allows 2 Patterns with 10 Segments
  • Temperature range 500 to 1450°C
  • 2-Sided Heating
  • Safety Circuit for over-temperature protection
  • Four volume choices
  • Available in 120 V or 230 V

Specifications (Click here):  Muffle Furnaces, Programmable Digital, 1450ºC, Series FSC

NumberDescriptionPrice $
DH.FSC02002 FSC-2 1450ºC Muffle Furnace, 1.9 Liter, 120 V
DH.FSC01005 FSC-5 1450ºC Muffle Furnace, 4.5 Liter, 120 V 9,324.00
DH.FSC01011 FSC-11 1450ºC Muffle Furnace, 11 Liter, 120 V 11,412.00
DH.FSC01022 FSC-22 1450ºC Muffle Furnace, 12 Liter, 120 V 15,460.80
DH.FSC2002 Spare Ceramic Fiber Plate for 1.9 Liter Furnace 134.45
DH.FSC2005 Spare Ceramic Fiber Plate for 4.5 Liter Furnace 170.05
DH.FSC2011 Spare Ceramic Fiber Plate for 11 Liter Furnace 242.75
DH.FSC2022 Spare Ceramic Fiber Plate for 22 Liter Furnace 538.08
NA491041101 Heat Resistance, Long Sleeve Glove, Pair, Heat Resistant to 800ºC