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Melting Point Apparatus - Büchi M-560 Basic Manual


The Büchi M-560 Basic Melting Point Apparatus for manual determination of melting and boiling points is designed for all laboratories with moderate requirements for sample processing in a non-regulated environment.

The optional Büchi M-569 Sample Loader is available for safe, fast and efficient loading of samples into melting point capillaries.

Please refer to our Büchi Model M-565 for GLP/GMP compliance with possibility for IQ/OQ and monitoring software. The Büchi Model M-560 Basic is not upgradable to perform these functions.

M-560 Basic Melting Point Apparatus
Features of the M-560 Apparatus:
  • Large magnification lens
  • Manual melting and boiling point determination
  • Frequency indicator for boiling point determinations
  • Fully guided 4 point calibration
  • Shorter heat up and cool down times
  • Temperature selection from room temperature to 400 °C
  • Analyze up to 3 samples simultaneously
  • Optional items and accessories include printer, key-board, sample holder, calibration and verification sets

Sample Loader M-569
Features of the M-569 Sample Loader Accessory
  • Unique for the loading of melting point capillaries
  • Reproducible results due to consistent, homogenous packing quality
  • Loading times substantially reduced compared to conventional methods
  • Easy and safe handling of samples and capillaries
  • No risk of cross-contamination as with the glass tube procedure
  • No risk of breaking capillaries compared to manual knocking method
  • Optional accessory for Melting Point Apparatus M-560 and previous Büchi Melting Point instruments

Specifications (Click here):  Melting Point Apparatus - Büchi M-560 Basic Manual

NumberDescriptionPrice $
051999 Büchi M-560 Basic Melting Point apparatus
Supplied with 100 melting point capillaries, 10 boiling capillaries, calibration set M-560/M-565, sample holder, packing wire and cleaning tool.
051997 Büchi M-569 Sample Loader for use with Büchi M-560/M-565 Melting Point Apparatus 1,672.20
017808 Melting Point Capillaries, Pkg/100 48.36
001759 Melting Point Capillaries, Pkg/1000 387.30
019697 Boiling Point Tube A, 10/pkg 64.83
051850 Boiling Point Capillary B, generates perfect gas bubbles within a tube for reproducible boiling point determinations. 159.57