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LAMBDA Peristaltic Pumps


The LAMBDA Peristaltic Pump family is a series of five different pumps offering a very diverse flow rate range with the ability for programming, connectivity and accuracy for liquid transfer. The models are PRECIFLOW, MULTIFLOW, HIFLOW, MAXIFLOW AND MEGAFLOW and all are designed for long term continuous processes with flow rates from 0.2µL/min to 60,000 mL/Hour.

High precision, reproducible and long term stable flow rates are achieved with the quartz driven motor and unique tubing compression techniques in the large pump head. Pulsation is minimized.

The LAMBDA pumps outstanding reliability comes from simple design and a unique compression mechanism that reduces mechanical strain on the tubing and assures stable, flow rate for weeks.

These stackable and extremely compact peristaltic pumps save valuable bench-space in the laboratory.

The LAMBDA peristaltic pumps do not have complicated heads and drives, making them economical and easy to set-up and use, even with low cost tubing.

The models include the PRECIFLOW (flow rate 0.1 µL/min – 600 mL/h), MULTIFLOW ( 0.1 µL/min – 600 mL/h. programmable), HIGHFLOW ( 1 µL/min – 3,000 mL/h. programmable) MAXIFLOW (3 µL/min – 10,000 mL/h. programmable) and MEGAFLOW (0.02 mL/min – 60 L/h. programmable).

Features of the LAMBDA Peristaltic Pumps:
  • Precise and reproducible flow rates
  • Programmable flow rate profile: 0 – 99 steps of speed and time setting
  • Flow rate can be varied with the ratio of 1:1000
  • Long tubing life
  • RS-232 or RS-485 interface
  • Foot switch
  • PC remote control software (PNet)

Specifications (Click here):  LAMBDA Peristaltic Pumps

NumberDescriptionPrice $
4801.4815-4.25 PRECIFLOW Peristaltic Pump, 0 – 600 mL/h, not programmable, supplied with 25 meters of 3/5mm tubing
4801P.4815-4.25 MULTILOW Peristaltic Pump, 0 – 600 mL/h, Programmable, supplied with 25 meters of 3/5mm tubing 3,367.25
5001.4815-4.25 HIFLOW Peristaltic Pump, 0 – 3,000 mL/h, Programmable, supplied with 25 meters of 3/5mm tubing 4,051.08
6001.4815-4.25 MAXIFLOW Peristaltic Pump, 0 – 10,000 mL/h, Programmable, supplied with 25 meters of 3/5mm tubing 4,441.80
6002.4815-4.25 MEGAFLOW Peristaltic Pump, 0 – 60 L/h, Programmable, supplied with 25 meters of 3/5mm tubing
4816 RS-485 Interface 211.20
6911 Communication Module for pump switching and RS-232 connection 388.30
800202-Cust Extensions for connection of 4 pumps 545.85
4810-S Pump Remote Control Cable (5 poles), one required for each pump to be controlled 73.30
4823 Foot Switch for ON/OFF switching 244.20
4824 Cable for inverted analog ON/OFF control, 8 poles 97.70
6931 PEEK tubing connector for the connection of PRFE tubing and 3/5 mm silicone tubing (Note: 4 connectors are required for use with 4 pumps in case of multi-stream use), each 222.24