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IKA C-Mag Series Magnetic Stirrers (MS), the MS 4, MS 7, and MS 10


The IKA C-Mag Series is a newly developed range of laboratory equipment that includes the magnetic stirrers MS 4, MS 7 and MS 10 models (without heating) featured here, as well as hot plates (HP models) without stirring and hotplate stirrers (HS models).

All members of the C-Mag series have ceramic tops and are designed to meet more robust requirements of basic laboratory tasks, with higher heating temperatures, more powerful motors and stronger magnets.

The control panel is elevated to protect against damage from spills.

C-Mag MS 4

C-Mag MS 7

C-Mag MS 10

Specifications (Click here):  IKA C-Mag Series Magnetic Stirrers (MS), the MS 4, MS 7, and MS 10

NumberDescriptionPrice $
3582201 IKA C-Mag MS 4 Magnetic Stirrer, 4”x 4” ceramic surface 551.35
3582401 IKA C-Mag MS 7 Magnetic Stirrer, 7” x 7” ceramic surface 489.39
3582601 IKA C-Mag MS 10 Magnetic Stirrer, 10” x 10” ceramic surface 844.31
1358600 RS 1 Stir bar kit, ten stir bars, 8 IKAFLON round PTFE coated magnetic stirring bars ranging in length from 10 mm to 80 mm and two TRIKA triangular PTFE coated magnetic stirring bars of lengths 25 and 42 mm.
1293100 RSE Stirring Bar remover, PTFE coated, for stirring bars up to 80 mm in length.
1545100 H 16 V Support Rod, stainless steel.