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Chromatography Pumps, the Flash 100 with PEEK or Stainless Steel Head


The Flash 100 Pump has been designed specifically for Flash Chromatography applications. The unit provides a wide range of flow rates and consistent performance to minimize the potential for column damage.

The Flash 100 offers easy solvent changeover and priming capability. In addition, the unit provided accurate and predictable flow characteristics over the available pressure range. The Autoflush™ piston wash and easy seal change procedures keep maintenance costs low.

The Flash 100 pump is available in two versions, one with a PEEK fluid path, the other with a stainless steel fluid path.

See the Flash 150 and Flash 300 pumps for Binary Flash or Preparative Chromatography.

Features of the Flash 100 Chromatography Pumps:
  • Integrated Prime/Purge Valve
  • Integrated Pressure Monitor
  • Auto-prime with one button toggles flow rate to maximum for rapid solvent change
  • Front panel flow adjustment in 0.1 mL/min increments
  • Digital stepper motor design prevents flow rate drift over time and temperature
  • Run / Stop Inputs (5 volt TTL type)
  • 0 to 10 volt, 0 – 10 KHz flow rate control input
  • RS-232 serial communications port for complete control and status monitoring
  • USB Connectivity
Specifications (Click here):  Chromatography Pumps, the Flash 100 with PEEK or Stainless Steel Head

NumberDescriptionPrice $
F40PFX01 Flash 100 Pump, Self-Flush, 0.1 – 100 mL/min, with transducer and external control, PEEK Head version
F40SFX01 Flash 100 Pump, Self-Flush, 0.1 – 100 mL/min with transducer and external control, Stainless Steel Head version