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Biochrom Anthos 2010 Basic and 2020 Plus Microplate Readers


The Biochrom Anthos 2010 and 2020 are standalone, filter-based absorbance reader for routine absorbance assays in research, quality control and diagnostics.

Typical applications are standard absorbance assays including endpoint assays, ELISA’s and total protein assays (BCA, Lowry, Bradford) and Enzyme assays requiring readings at timed intervals.

The Anthos 2010 is supplied with Basic ADAP software that allows the user to obtain raw data from the instrument for single, dual wavelength, endpoint and kinetic measurements. ADAP Basic controls user access at different authorization levels, allowing users to work within US FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliance. ADAP software can optionally be extended to Plus and Expert versions, with more capabilities.

The Anthos 2020 offers finer resolution and has onboard software equivalent to ADAP Plus. It includes user administration, device control, data storage and export, kinetic data reduction, user log in, sample quantitation, curve fits, qualitative analysis, replicate elimination and assay validation. The software can be upgraded to the Expert version as well,

The Anthos 2020 unit is also supplied with ADAP Basic PC software for PC-control (if desired). This PC software can be upgraded to ADAP Expert Plus, which includes all features of ADAP Plus, in additional to inter-plate multi-assays, kinetic evaluation and 3-D scan display.

Anthos 2010 Microplate Reader
  • Single or dual wavelengths measurements
  • Four wavelength filters supplied as standard cover most common absorbance assays
  • Optional wavelength filters from 400 up to 750 nm available allow more specialized assays to be performed

Anthos 2020 Microplate Reader
  • Readings can be performed at timed intervals- ideal for kinetic assays
  • Calibration performed prior to each measurement- insures accurate reading data
  • QC plate available for instrument validation

Specifications (Click here):  Biochrom Anthos 2010 Basic and 2020 Plus Microplate Readers

NumberDescriptionPrice $
GF1755011 Biochrom Anthos 2010 Microplate Reader Standard with ADAP Basic software, 4 standard filters, operator manual, power cable and serial cable 6,326.75
GF1755012 Biochrom Anthos 2010 Microplate Reader Standard Plus with ADAP Plus software, 4 standard filters, operator manual, power cable and serial cable 6,949.30
GF2255011 Biochrom Anthos 2020 Standalone microplate reader. Wavelength range: 400 - 750 nm, with 4 standard filters (405, 450, 492, 620 nm), including onboard software (equivalent to ADAP Plus), operator manual, power cable and serial cable 7,833.15
B032081 ADAP 2.0 Basic Software included with Anthos 2010 and Anthos 2020 913.50
B032082 ADAP 2.0 Plus Software included with Anthos 2020 1,536.05
B032083 ADAP 2.0 Expert Software 4,230.00
SS017510 QC Reader check plate 842.95