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Rose Scientific: Contact, Mission, History, Service, Staff, Employment, Privacy Policy and Suppliers


Contact information

Telephone: 780.438.5110
Telephone (toll free Canada): 800.661.9289
Telephone (toll free USA): 800.661.9288
Fax: 780.462.5776
Fax (toll free Canada only): 800.570.6067
Fax USA: 513.942.4077
Email (sales): sales@rosesci.com
Email (accounting): accounting@rosesci.com
Email (service): service@rosesci.com
Website: https://www.rosesci.com
Physical address: Rose Scientific Ltd.
5923 – 90 Street NW,
Edmonton, Alberta T6E 6C2

To expedite delivery we have warehouses established in Edmonton, Alberta, Mississauga, Ontario and Cincinnati, Ohio.


Rose Scientific Ltd. is a Canadian company serving the scientific community in Canada since 1990.

Our objective is to provide life sciences equipment, analytical instrumentation and quality supplies at attractive prices, with knowledgeable representatives who can work with scientists to understand their problems, advise them about solutions and provide them with the highest quality of service and support.


In partnership with our customers and suppliers, we obtain scientific products to solve problems in the laboratory. We serve the medical, research, educational and private sector industries. In doing this we provide value to our customers, employees, investors, and society in a safe and fair way while enhancing the sciences.


Rose Scientific Ltd. is often referred to as Rose, the name under which it was first founded in 1990. The founders, having long experience in the laboratory supply industry, saw a need for a laboratory equipment and supply company using knowledgeable representatives to help scientists do their work.

They started with some excellent lines from first tier manufacturers, and from their modest beginning have grown to a company with international sales and a premiere position in the Canadian industry.


In 1999 we established our first repair and service center equipped to handle all of the instrumentation servicing needs of our customers. Rose also has agreements with third party repair centers to insure that all equipment it distributes is fully and properly supported.

Rose uses a third party (currently Superior Safety Codes ) for performing CSA Inspection and Approval in cases where a manufacturer does not have this Canadian certification at the factory.


Our goal is to maintain sales representatives throughout Canada to provide scientists with quick and personal service. To expedite delivery we have warehouses established in Edmonton, Mississauga and Cincinnati.

The selection of our staff reflects our strategy of employing knowledgeable people who can assist research workers understand the capabilities of the most advanced equipment that becomes available. Our sales people are trained to help our customers get the maximum use out of the dollars that are available to them.


Rose Scientific is actively seeking sales representatives in British Columbia and the Maritimes. We are always ready to consider representatives who would like to join our team and help us to build in regions in which we would like to expand our efforts.


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Our comprehensive list of superb manufacturers and suppliers include the following companies:

Accu-Scope Inc

A wide variety of microscopes and accessories such as camera mounts, cameras, and various stages, suitable ffor everything from teaching, veterinary schools, tissue culture, metallurgical applications, to industrial quality control.

Manufacture of Euro-Series high quality, precision pipet tips, micro-centrifuge tubes, PCR tubes, DNA Extraction Columns

Microplate Readers, Luminometers and Microplate Washers

Electrophoresis, Horizontal Vertical Gel Tanks, Power Supplies, Shakers

Automated chemistry analyzers, discrete analyzers and segmented flow analyzers


DrySyn accessories for parallel synthesis


Bio-chromatography, Electrophoresis Apparatus, Reagents and Pre-Cast Gels, Imaging Systems - Gel Docs, Chemi and Fluorescent Detector Light Capture, Cellgraph, Luminometers, MicroplateLuminometers, luminescence measurement of real time reporter assays.
Also NATIVEN preparative Protein Purification System

Laboratory Plastic-ware including Ice Buckets


Agarose, Autoclave, CoolCube, DryBlocks, Hot Plate-Stirrers, Media Bottles, Microcentrifuge, MicroSterilizer, Rockers, Shakers, Mixers, Shaking Incubators, VortexMixers and Vortexer with Temperature Control - Heating & Peltier Type, Water Baths - 4 Liter, Digital


Climatic Chambers, C2 Incubators, Hybridization Ovens, Incubators, Material Testing Chambers, Plant Growth Chambers, Ovens (all types).

Libra and WPA spectrophotometers, Anthos and Asysmicroplate instrumentation and Biochrom Amino Acid Analysers

Life Sciences, P.E.T. Chemistry, HiSpect Imaging
Boekel Scientific

Hybridization Ovens, Lab-Jacks


Rotary Evaporators, Melting Point Apparatus, Multiple Synthesizers, Preparative Chromatography, Vacuum Pumps

Homogenizers, Over-Head Stirrers, Third-Arm, Liquid Porcessor

CHC lab

Bio-Safety Cabinets, Horizontal and Laminar Hoods, Fume Hoods, PCR Work Station.

Chemica Alta

Manufacturer of specialty chemical reagents and fine chemicals


Manufactures high precision syringe pumps for use in pharmaceutical and chemical research.
Chromatography Research Supplies (CRS)

Capillary GC, Packed Column GC, Gas Handling and Purification, HPLC, Sample Preparation, Septa, Syringes, Vials
Consort (Belgium)

Manufacture of pH, Ion, Conductivity, DO and TDS Meters as well as electrodes.

Crest Ultrasonics

Enhanced Ultrasonic Cleaners

CryoSafe Cryogenic equipment and supplies for the life sciences such as Cryogenic Containers and Dewars
Design Filtration

Laminar Flow Hoods, Softwall Cleanrooms, Polypropylene hoods and casework, HEPA Fan Filter Units, replacement HEPA filters, and custom HEPA filtered equipment.
Dima Glass

Laboratory Glassware


Centrifuge Vortexer, Mixers, Rotators, Shakers, Thermostatic Mixers,

Incubators, Shakers, Rockers, Rotators, Stirrers
Fogale Nanotech

Optical, Inductive, Ultrasound and Capacitive sensors and systems,

Heating Controls and Mantles, Homogenizers, Rotators, Shakers, Stirrers, Vortexers, Evaporators

Mini-centrifuges, Table Top Centrifuges,Refrigerated Table Top and Floor Model Centrifuges, Low Speed, Medium Speed and High Speed Centrifuges, Tissue Culture Centrifuges


Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers, Cryogenic Freezers, Refrigerators


Laboratory Sensors - pH and Redox
Process Sensors -pH, Oxygen, Conductivity

Hanil Science Industrial

Vacuum Concentrator, Freeze Dryer, Centrifuge

Ultrasonic homogenizer - Lab and Industrial

IBI Scientific

Manufacturers of quality life science products such as Gel Boxes, Electrophoresis Reagents, Blotters, Radiation Protection
IKA Works Inc.

Mixing, Crushing, Heating & Cooling, Pumping, Distilling, Extracting, Electrolysis

Bioreactors, Fermenters, Shakers, Pumps

Sample Preparation, Bacterial Enumeration, Hygiene and Security
J.P. Selecta s.a.

Autoclaves, Refrigearted Cabinets, Muffle Furnaces, Laboratory Aids, Heating Mantles, Block Digesters with Fume Extractors and Scrubbers, Manual and Semi-automated Soxhlet Extractors, Kjeldahl Steam Distillation - Manual and automatic, Extractors for Cellulose and Fiber, Hydrolyzer for Fats, Refractometers and Viscometers
Jasco Inc

Chromatography and Spectroscopy Equipment

Aspirators, Desiccators, Environmental Chambers, Fume Hoods, Laminar Cabinets, Over-Head Stirrers, PCR Work Station, Plant Growth Chambers, Rockers, Shakers (Advanced orbital), Vacuum Ovens,


Refrigerated Circulators, Heating Circulators, Highly Dynamic Temperature Control Systems / Process Systesm, Recirculating Coolers, Water Baths and Shaking Water Baths, Calibration Baths, Visco Baths, Immersion Coolers, Flow-Through Coolers, Bath Fluids, WirelessCommunication and Software


Analytical Balances, Precision Balances, Moisture Balances, Bench Scales, Floor Scales, Platform Scales and Pallet Truck Scales.

Krüss Optronic

Melting Point Apparatus


Chromatography, Metering Pumps, High Pressure Pumps, Binary and Quaternary Pumps, Column Packing Pumps, Ultra-High Pressure Pumps, SFC Pumps.
Also chromatography systems with various detectors, autosamplers and software, etc

LC Technology Solutions Incorporated

Controlled and inert atmosphere gloveboxes and gas purification systems, solvent purification systems and laboratory high pressure gas purification systems.

Bulk Silica and TLC Plates as well as HPLC Columns and Syringe Filters

Major Science

Gel Documentation, Fermenters, Hybridization Incubators

Visible and UV-Visible Spectrophotometers, Single and Double Beam Spectrophotometers, Nano-Spot


Transax Loading Tips and Racks


Climatic Chambers, Ovens, Vacuum Ovens, Sterilizers, Incubators, C2 Incubators, Water Baths, Oil Baths
MPW Med Instruments

Heated Centrifuges
National Labnet

Molecular biology equipment, benchtop shakers and rockers, incubators and laboratory plastics
NCL New Concept Lab GmbH

Proprietary andpatent pending technologies covering lab devices, assay methods and reagents.
Orochem Technologies

Bioanalysis, Drug Discovery, Proteomics, Genomics, Instruments & Devices. Also columns for Flash Chromatography, HPLC, SMB.
Pike Technologies

Accessories for Spectroscopy
Precisa Gravimetrics, A.G.

Analytical and Precision Balances,
Thermo-Gravimetric Analysis,
Equipment Sample Preparation,
Quality Assurance
Retsch Inc.

Solutions in Milling and Sieving

Gloves, Coveralls &Labcoats, Hair Coverings, Safety Eyewear, Respiratory Masks

Shakers, Incubated and Refrigerated Shakers, PotterS Homogenizer

Centrifugal Vacuum Concentrators and Freeze Dryers

Syringes, HPLC and GC Columns, and Chromatography Accessories.
ShelLab Bactron Chambers, C2 Incubators, Humidity Cabinets, Hybridization Incubators, Incubators and Ovens including refrigerated and shaking, Water Baths
Shelton Scientific

Electrophoresis, Power Supplies, Chemicals, Spin Columns

Digital & Electronic Micropipettes, Tips, Digital Bottle Top Dispensers, Adjustable Repeater Pipette, Pipette Controller

Ultra-low Temperature Freezers, Chromatography Refrigerators


Thermal Cyclers

Thomas Scientific

Genaral Laboratory Equipment and Supplies


Automated Robotic Liquid Handling, Cell Harvesters and Multiple Homogenizer Station

Torrey Pines

Chilling/heating incubators that will control at or near ambient, analog stirring hot plates, and the newest, most fully featured digital/programmable stirring hot plates
Vacuum Brand

Teflon Diaphragm Pumps, High Vacuum Oil Pumps
Van London-pHoenix Co.

pH, Conductivity Electrodes and Solutions
Vee Gee Scientific

Laboratory glassware, crucibles, refractometers, polarimeters

Standard and Chemical Duty vacuum pumps

Chromatography Columns, TLC Plates and Membrane Filters and Syringe Filters
Wheaton Scientific

Laboratory Glassware and Cell Culture Apparatus