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Blot Washer, Automate Washes after Incubations in Processing Western Blots


The Blot Washer is a great instrument to automate the most tedious, distracting, and interruptive part of processing western blots, the multiple washes after incubations. The Blot Washer is designed to be used with almost any mixing instrument, such as The Belly Dancer, The Belly Button, other orbital shakers, rocker units, or other mixers and shakers.

Features of the Blot Washer:
  • Automated liquid delivery and aspiration

  • Complete assembly with control, valve console, 4 liter bottles for wash and waste

  • Automates processing of Western Blots and other rinsing protocols

  • Delivers and times a series of buffered washers and with accessory reservoir, delivers and times secondary antibody incubation

Specifications (Click here):  Blot Washer, Automate Washes after Incubations in Processing Western Blots

NumberDescriptionPrice $
BLWAA115S Blot Washer, complete with 4L wash bottle with modified top, 4L waste bottle with modified top, tubing for all connections, mini blot tray, standard blot tray, tube collet, delivery bit, and power cord. Inquire
BLWVS0028 Mini Blot tray with lid, 9.6 × 6.6 × 2.9 cm Inquire
BLWVS0029 Standard Blot tray with lid, 11.7 × 9.0 × 2.9 cm Inquire
BLWVS0004 Large Blot tray with lid, 15.4 × 10.4 × 3.6 cm Inquire
BLWVS0002 Wash bottle, 4L, with modified top and tubing for a second wash delivery. Inquire
BLWVS0003 Luer Lock Syringe, 140 mL, with clasp top, syringe hanger and connective tubing for a second reagent delivery system. Inquire
BLWVS0005 Quad Plumbing Harness comes complete with 4 collets, delivery tube bits, stainless steel clips, and connecting tubing Inquire
BLWVS0001 Collet with Delivery Tube Bit Inquire
BLWVS0006 Pack of 10 stainless steel clips Inquire