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Melting Point Apparatus - Büchi M-565 Automatic


The video camera equipped Büchi Melting Point Apparatus M-565, for the automatic determination of melting and boiling points, is designed for true, professional quality control. When used in combination with the Sample Loader M-569, determinations are achieved with unmatched reproducibility.

Ideal for higher sample throughputs. The video recording feature enables an easy observation of the phase transition on a color display with 6 fold magnification.

M-565 Automatic Melting Point Apparatus
  • Fully automatic melting point and boiling point determination
  • Real time video displayed in 6 × magnification
  • Video replay function with variable speed
  • Sample Loader M-569 included, for reliable packing of melting point capillaries
  • Temperature range between room temperature and 400 °C
  • Large lens with 2.5 magnification for precise determination of the samples
  • Heating block protective coating allows for easy cleaning and extended lifetime
  • Compliant with Pharmacopeia methods including PH. EUR., USP XXI 741 and JP
  • GLP/GMP compliant protocols either with printer
  • Optional IQ/OQ documentation
  • Optional MeltingPoint Monitor software

Specifications (Click here):  Melting Point Apparatus - Büchi M-565 Automatic

NumberDescriptionPrice $
051998 Büchi M-565 Automatic Melting Point Apparatus14,291.91
11055018 Calibration Kit, four Büchi certified standards for the calibration of the Melting Point M-560 Basic or the Melting Point M-565 Automatic 493.68
11055004 IQ/OQ M565 Documentation, Calibration Kit, Validation Kit, 100 Melting point capillaries 1,437.87
1105009 OQ M-565 Documentation, Calibration Kit, Validation Kit, 100 Melting point capillaries Inquire
11055019 Verification Kit, three Büchi certified standards for the verification of the melting Point M560 Basic or Melting Point M-565 Automatic 443.73
11055332 MeltingPoint Monitor software, to store data with video 3,350.76
029508 Mini keyboard, for easy input of parameters 568.48
11055438 Printer, for the documentation of the results of calibration, melting point and boiling point determinations. Includes ribbon, paper roll and (serial) cables. 3,916.20
11055014 Sample holder, for the confusion free preparation of 12 melting point and 4 boiling point samples 88.18
041867 Agate mortar and pestle, for high purity sample crushing 837.76