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Macropipettes, Acura 835 Adjustable and Fixed Volume


The Acura 835 Adjustable Volume and Fixed Volume macropipettes are part of a range of Socorex Acura Digital Reading pipettes that feature unsurpassed accuracy and reproducibility.

The air displacement fixed volume Acura 835 pipettes come with all the good features of the new instrument generation. These include slim ergonomic design and ultra-soft plunger stroke. Available in macro volumes of 2mL, 2.5mL, 5mL and 10mL.

Equipped with a precision digital display, the new line of adjustable volume macropipettes is continuously adjustable down to a very fine volume resolution. Single-handed volume setting is easy when the other hand is busy. Measuring unknown volumes by aspiration is also possible with a high degree if accuracy. Click stops, together with freely rotating smartie plunger button caps, insure setting stability while pipetting.

The Acura 835 macropipettes accommodate nozzle filters for added protection against liquid fill and contamination. Adjustable volume pipettes are used with disposable polypropylene tips or glass Pasteur pipettes (long or short form). When glass Pasteur pipettes are used the 835 offers an important advantage in applications such as solvent pipetting (2ml maximum volume).

All of the pipettes can be autoclaved at 121 °C.

The Acura 835 is available as part of a Triopack of 3 pipettors, in one box, with attractive pricing. See 825.TRIO.V (includes two |Acura 825 micropipettes) and 835.TRIO.Y (with one Acura 825 micropipette). Other Triopacks are available with three Acura 825 micropipettes on the Acura 825 page.

Features of the Acura 835 Macropipettes:
  • Digital display window for permanent volume visibility
  • Exceptional, user friendly ergonomic
  • Light weight
  • Ultra-soft, effortless activation
  • Innovative tip ejection concept
  • Very easy and quick to calibrate
  • Three adjustable models with maximum volumes of 2, 5 and 10 mL
  • Four fixed volume models of 2, 2.5, 5 and 10 mL
  • Justip™ adjustable tip ejection mechanism
  • Entirely autoclavable without recalibration
  • Color code Acura pipettes with colored smarties button caps for easier pipette identification, or for lab, or department identification

Specifications:  Macropipettes, Acura 835 Adjustable and Fixed Volume

NumberDescriptionPrice $
835.02 Acura 835 Variable Volume Macropipette, 0.2-2 mL, Tip style 2 mL478.00
835.05 Acura 835 Variable Volume Macropipette, 0.5-5 mL, Tip style 5 mL478.00
835.05.2PP Acura 835 Variable Volume Macropipette, 0.5-5 mL, Tip style 5 mL, supplied with glass Pasteur Pipette Adapter515.35
835.10 Acura 835 Variable Volume Macropipette, 1-10 mL, Tip style 10 mL478.00
835.F02 Acura 835 Fixed Volume Macropipette, 2 mL, Tip style 5 mL410.80
835.F02.5 Acura 835 Fixed Volume Macropipette, 2.5 mL, Tip style 5 mL410.80
835.F05 Acura 835 Fixed Volume Macropipette, 5 mL, Tip style 5 mL410.80
835.F10 Acura 835 Fixed Volume Macropipette, 10 mL, Tip style 10 mL410.80
825.TRIO.V Triopack three pack consisting of 1 × 825.0100 (100 µL) and 1 × 825.1000 (1000 µL) micropipettes plus 1 × 835.05 (5.0 mL) macropipette
835.TRIO.Y Triopack three pack consisting of 1 x 825.1000 (1000 µL) micropipette plus 1 x 835.05 (5.0 mL) and 1 x 835.10 (10.0 mL) macropipettes
1.835.631 Pasteur Pipette Adapter-Nozzle, for 2 mL 835.02 macropipette, also fits Acura electro 936.02 and Calibra digital 832.02, pkg/1
1.835.633 Pasteur Pipette Adapter-Nozzle, for 5 mL 835.05 macropipette, also fits Acura electro 936.05, pkg/1
313.02 Glass Pasteur Pipettes, 2 mL for 2 and 5 mL pipettes, 7mm OD, pkg/250
090 Polypropylene Macro Tips (0 - 5.0 mL), pkg/250. 55.00
312.05B Polypropylene Macro Tips (0.5 - 5.0 mL), (Wheaton #851362, VWR #89008-878), pkg/250.108.80
312-02 Polypropylene Macro Tips (0 – 2.0 mL), (Wheaton # 815355, Fisher # 21-263-1B, VWR # 53498-668), pkg/250.144.50
312-10 Polypropylene Macro Tips (1 – 10 mL), (Wheaton # 851358, Fisher # 21-263-1D, VWR # 53498-670), pkg/100.85.45
322.05 PP fibers nozzle filter for 5 mL Acura 835.05, not sterile or autoclavable, (Wheaton # 851342, VWR # 89044-720), pkg/250
322.10 PP fibers nozzle filter for 10 mL Acura 835.10, not sterile or autoclavable, (Wheaton # 851346 / Fisher # 13-707-77D, VWR # 53498-666), pkg/100
320.336 Unique rotating Twister™ design 6 position universal pipette Work Station 336 for 3 pipettes, fits all Calibra and Acura pipettes as well as most other brands. Available in seven translucent colors including Rubin red, Topaz orange, Citrine yellow, Emerald green, Sapphire blue, Quartz grey and Diamond white.
320.340 Multi and single channel versatile Work Station 340 for 3 pipettes, fits all Calibra and Acura pipettes, made of light grey polyamide, stable and easy to clean.
320.337 Universal Work Station 337 for up to 7 single channel micropipettes, of most brands. Very stable, made of easy to clean polyamid material. Blue, green,,rose and yellow pastel colors available.
320.322 Shelf Pipette Holder (for two instruments)
320.322.4 Shelf Pipette Holder (for two instruments), pkg/4122.20
1.825.710 White Smartie Plunger Caps, pkg/631.34
1.825.715 Grey Smartie Plunger Caps, pkg/631.34
1.825.716 Vanilla Smartie Plunger Caps, pkg/631.34
1.825.712 Lemon Smartie Plunger Caps, pkg/631.34
1.825.717 Yellow Smartie Plunger Caps, pkg/631.34
1.825.718 Orange Smartie Plunger Caps, pkg/631.34
1.825.714 Red Smartie Plunger Caps, pkg/631.34
1.825.719 Rose Smartie Plunger Caps, pkg/631.34
1.825.720 Pink Smartie Plunger Caps, pkg/631.34
1.825.721 Purple Smartie Plunger Caps, pkg/631.34
1.825.722 Ice Blue Smartie Plunger Caps, pkg/631.34
1.825.713 Blue Smartie Plunger Caps, pkg/631.34
1.825.723 Mint Smartie Plunger Caps, pkg/631.34
1.825.711 Green Smartie Plunger Caps, pkg/631.34
1.825.700 Smartie Plunger Caps, Assorted Colors, pkg/14
330.01 Reagent Reservoirs, V-shape, no lid, PP, autoclavable, 75 mL capacity, natural color, 58×132×25 mm, pkg/20
330.01L Reagent Reservoirs, V-shape, hinged lid, PP, autoclavable, 125 mL capacity, natural color, 83×121×34 mm, pkg/20

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