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Centrifuges, the Compact and Versatile CM-6MT and the Powerful High Speed CM-50
Dry Baths, IsoBlock Dual Block Independent Digital Control, Hinged Lid
Dry Baths, myBlock Single or Dual Block Digital
Freezers, the Bright CLINI-RF Rapid Specimen Model, with - 40°C and - 80°C Chambers
Homogenizer, Ultrasonic Compact Hielscher UP200Ht, Handheld or Stand Mounted
Hot Plate Stirrers, Hot Plates, and Stirrers, the Analog and Digital EchoTherm Family
Infors Orbitron Orbital Shaker with Large or Extra Large Universal Platform and Penta-Drive Dynamic Mass Balancing
Orbital Shakers SH30 and SH30t, Economical Medium Speed
Orbital Shakers, Orbi-Shaker™ XL High Capacity Benchtop
Overhead Stirrer, Portable Model 1540 Crossover, for stand or large container mounting
Overhead Stirrers, Laboratory to Pilot plant, CAT R100 Power Series
Peristaltic Pumps, the Powerful Dual Head MFU-01, Four Head Tetrad MFU-02, 50 Watt Digital MU-D01, 100 Watt Digital MU-D02 and High Flow Rate Digital MU-D03
Reciprocal Shakers SH30L and SH30L-t, Economical Medium Speed
Rotators, AG and HAG Timed, Variable Speed and Adjustable Tilt
Shaking Water Baths, the Julabo SW22 and SW23
Sieving, Ultrasonic Hielscher UIS250L for Laboratory Ring Sieves
Ultrasonic Bath, Hielscher UTR200 High Intensity Beaker Shaped Sonotrode or Sonoreactor
Ultrasonic Baths, Analog and Digital Control
Ultrasonic Pipet Washer, the Ultrasons-P
Vacuum Pumps, the Economical Büchi V-100 PTFE Diaphragm Pumps and the I-100 Vacuum Controller
Water Baths, Heated General Purpose Digitally Controlled